Epoch Purpose 15 Degree Women's Complete Stick

Mar 20, 2018

The Epoch Purpose Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick is one of those items that when people pick it up in our warehouse showroom they say, “I gotta get one of these!” So what’s the allure? These Purpose sticks feel so solid and sleek in your hands. The 15 Degree tilt technology took the most popular selling STX design and moved the ball even higher in the pocket.    

Flex iQ: iQ9 | Shape: C32 or S32

Epoch is known for their sophisticated technology in their men’s shaft production. The carbon technology and design of the Purpose makes it the “most technologically advanced stick on the women’s market.” The Shafts come in two shapes the C32 (Traditional Concave Geometry) and the S32 (Slim Concave Geometry, smaller diameter). The Pocket is designed to give players the deepest legal depth and combined with a contoured and pinched offensive shape, the Purpose simply has better ball hold than the rest. High quality plastic head combined with an elite level advanced carbon shaft.  

Tied-Up Pocket for Elite Level Control and Feel

  Epoch also stayed with a traditional runner style that is anything but traditional. Instead of gluing pieces together, Epoch actually had these strung with a natural woven design that give the shot speed of a runner, but also a higher softer feel on cradle. The 15 Degree technology gives one of the fastest ball releases in the game. These quality leather runners hold true and the high pocket retains its shape well in bad weather .  

Pocket Location: Zone 4 High-Pocket

  If you are looking for an elite level offensive complete stick that comes already strung with one of the best pockets in the game… then look no further than the Epoch Purpose Women’s 15 Degree Complete Stick. Priced at $249.       IF YOU BUY JUST THE EPOCH PURPOSE LACROSSE HEAD BY ITSELF, YOU CAN PUT IT ON ANY REGULAR STRAIGHT SHAFT. The 15 Degree tilt in the Purpose is built right into the head.. not the shaft like the STX 10 Degree technology.   

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