Grizzly 1X Goalie Mesh Kit Review

Aug 19, 2016
  StringKing Grizzly 1X Goalie Mesh went live here today at !!   We strung this up in an STX Eclipse head and were really impressed with the rebound eating properties combined with the ability to zing outlet passes on a rope.  This stuff is slightly stiffer than their previous release of the Grizzly 1S Goalie Mesh and made for guys who like a little more pop in their passes and bag in their pocket. [caption id="attachment_17551" align="aligncenter" width="300"]STX Eclipse with Grizzly 1X STX Eclipse with Grizzly 1X[/caption]     The kit comes with the following:
  • 3 goalie length shooters
  • 1 bottom lace
  • 2 shooting chords
  • 4 sidewall strings
  And of course the mesh piece.  Out only knock is that the sidewall strings were the exact perfect length...  well that's not really a negative... but you need to get the sidewalls dialed perfectly to get right to the tip of the sidewall string.   [caption id="attachment_17631" align="alignnone" width="300"]Perfect Fit Perfect Fit[/caption]     In the hands of a professional stringer who knows each goalie head inside and out...  this stuff is pretty much game ready right from the get-go.  We think the durability here will be very similar to the 1S that was previously released and hold up under collegiate and pro level fire.  We recommend premium goalie mesh for advancing youth players as well because let's face it.. it is painful to watch unnecessary rebounds turn into goals.  Smaller kids also struggle with the big stick on clears, so anything you can do to help is a huge bonus.   [caption id="attachment_17641" align="alignnone" width="300"]Quality Tips Quality Tips[/caption]     Our overall review of the Stringking 1X goalie mesh kit is that it is certainly not cheap... but offers some of the best performance in the game.  Serious goalies demand serious performance.  The hardest position on the field just got a little bit easier with this new release.  You can also purchase just the Stringking Grizzly 1X mesh piece by itself if you want to.  

If you have any questions about the Warrior Warp give one of our collegiate pros a call at 855-255-5294 or email

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