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Lax Insider

How to play lacrosse: The Parents Ebook Series.

January 16, 2017

Learn lacrosse

Sign up and download these instructional e-books to help you through the process of learning and overcoming the challenges that the sport of lacrosse may bring.


 Guides From The Ebook.

Boys Youth Lacrosse Guide For Parents

Youth Boys Lacrosse Gear Guide

The Basics Of Youth Girls Lacrosse For Parents

Youth Girls Lacrosse Checklist For Parents.

The lacrosse starters guide is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to lacrosse for first and second-year players…. what to expect and what you need to get started. The first part is really the basics of the game, the equipment you need, and some elementary strategies that will help your player get going in lacrosse. In the second book of our two-part series, we show advancing players what they will need to develop their skills and to the next levels of lacrosse. Our lacrosse website is LOADED with videos and advice on what newer players need to succeed. From lacrosse beginner sets to the best complete lacrosse stick on the market today. For the girls, we have compiled the best selection of women’s complete lacrosse sticks in the game. If you ever have any questions on ANYTHING lacrosse… equipment, positioning, training… PLEASE feel free to call one of our PROS and we can give you personalized assistance and answer your questions. No phone operators here folks…. REAL PLAYERS for both boy’s and girl’s advice and expertise. 1-855-255-5294 has put together the most comprehensive Beginner’s Lacrosse Guide in the game. Mom’s and Dads can rest assured that our family run company is built on the principles of delivering the best content, knowledge and prices in lacrosse. We are all ex-collegiate players who are passionate about the growth of lacrosse and the life-long friendships we have made through the sport we love.