Secret Lacrosse Stringing Tips From Our Pros

Aug 23, 2017

You now have exclusive access to our Pros tips for stringing and maintaining the perfect pocket!

  lacrosse stringing tips from east coast dyes ecd    

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  Most lacrosse players will tell you that the stringing job on their lacrosse head is likely the most important aspect of their equipment.  Your entire playing style and performance can be enhanced or jeopardized by the pocket in your lacrosse head, that’s a fact.  And yet, many players will trust the most important part of their game to friend on the team, some local store with who-knows-who behind the desk.  Here at our PRO stringers are trusted by the BEST high school and collegiate players in the game.  Just think, you put a lot of time and effort into your game, why not put that same effort and professionalism into your pocket.  

Here are 6 simple stringing tips that will separate your pocket from the rest:

  1) When stringing the top string on any lacrosse head, skip the first sidewall hole to create a tighter channel. custom-lacrosse-stringing-secrets   2) Make sure the mesh is facing 9 diamonds across the top (not 10) so your pocket will become more symmetrical.   custom-lacrosse-stringing-secrets-2   3) When starting your sidewall pattern, make sure you put the string in twice through the sidewall hole.  It will pull the mesh tighter to the plastic of the head.   Watch the Kinetic video below to see how these tips are used to string the most popular head in the game.   4)When starting your sidewalls, skip the first and second holes (start in the third).  This will give you better control and a stronger and faster shot.   5) Use a shooting lace at the base of the pocket instead of a sidewall string.  Sidewalls can cause rips and shooters keep your pocket much more consistent.     custom-lacrosse-stringing-secrets-3   6) For a true outside shooters pocket – the best pattern is to use 1 nylon, as a shooter, 3 diamonds down from the top string, then skip a row and put in a shooter and then skip another row and put in another hockey lace.  That nylon at the top will whip the ball out of your stick faster after it passes over the shooters.   custom-lacrosse-stringing-secrets-4   Those are some basic stringing tips that will help you dial in your pocket.  
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