The All New Nike Force Savage Elite Cleat

Jun 7, 2017
Our Pro's were impressed with the new Nike Force Savage Elite cleat when they tried it on and tested it out.  This is one of the most popular new Nike football cleats on the market.These Nike Force Savage Elite cleats are definitely blurring the line between lacrosse and football and have quickly become one of our best selling lacrosse cleats in the past few months.   nike force savage elite   So what is so special about the Nike Force Savage Elite cleat that gives it the cross-over appeal from football to lacrosse?  First of all, this cleat is more heavy duty than traditional lacrosse cleats.  For players weighing in at 185+ pounds, many of them prefer a more stable and supportive cleat that can take a beating.  The first thing you will notice is the high ankle sleeve.  Inside there are 2 neon achilles pads that lock the back of your heel down into the footplate.  The tongue and ankle piece are separated by a nice deep slit that makes it much easier to pull on than other high-ankle cleats. The next thing you will notice is the lizard skin design running from the instep up through the toe of the cleat.  Designed to take a beating and offer extra protection, we love this added toughness for defensive minded lacrosse players and FOGOs who put some serious wear and tear on their gear.   The footplate on the Nike Force Savage Elite is one of the most aggressive grass eaters we have seen.  The triangular design really grips the turf and digs in hard in the worst conditions.  We recommend these cleats for bigger guys that tend to play on a lot of grass. Amazing support and traction.   Though they look a little clunky from a distance, you will be amazed at the fit, feel and comfort when you lace up the Nike Force Savage Elite cleat.  The top of the lacing system is connected to another set of internal laces that seem to pull the bottom of the shoe up towards your insole.  The feel is amazing when you get locked down in these cleats.   Hey lacrosse goalies, here is the part where you should pay attention.  Ever get to a field and wish you had a pair of bad boy grippers to dig into the middy crease?  Well you just got the answer here in the Nike Force Savage Elite cleat.  These are likely the best lacrosse goalie cleats on the planet right now!  The aggressive footplate and superior protection both in the ankle and from ball strikes is AWESOME!   So, if you are a bigger guy, a lacrosse goalie or a FOGO that is looking for cleats that are as tough as you are - try these Nike Force Savage Elite cleats.  The football guys all know Nike is the hottest name in the game right now and these are quickly spilling into the big boy specialty positions in lacrosse. To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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