The Best Defensive and LSM Lacrosse Heads for 2017

Dec 14, 2016

So what do the top collegiate and high school players really look for in a defensive lacrosse head?  Well, there are actually two categories of Defensive heads out there and it really depends on your style of play as to what options will best suit your game.


CLOSE D – “Close D” are the guys that primarily stay home and cover attackman.  They may push the ball on a clear every once in a while and run some transition, but for the most part they are hammering opponents, picking up ground balls after a double, and executing cross field passes between the goalie and other defenseman.  These guys want heads as stiff as steel, with a wide face shape, and really high pockets for the best release.  From our list the STX Hammer 500, Maverik Tank, and Warrior Regulator Max fit the bill as the best heads on the market for 2017.


LSM – Long Stick Middies are the guys on the wings on faceoffs, the workhorses between the lines, and guys who can make an offensive difference when they get a fast break.  Long Stick Midfielders want stiff heads with deep mid pockets to vacuum up those ground balls, that can also hold up on the defensive end.  Most importantly, they also want a lacrosse head that is able to pass and shoot accurately on the run, which means they need a head that is a bit more pinched and narrow to keep the ball on cage. On, there are two primary heads in the market that are favored by the elite crowd that meet these standards and they are the all new STX Stallion 700 and the best selling Nike Lakota U.


Here is a quick rundown on all these heads. Amazingly the are all sold here at for the GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE of $89:


STX Hammer 500 -  The best selling of the group, Built to be light and strong and strung with a Mid-high pocket setup.

STX Hammer 500

Maverik Tank – Almost as stiff as the Hammer 500 and also a bit wider at the throat.  Serious ground ball and outlet head that performs well with a deep, high pocket setup.

Maverik Tank Lacrosse head

Warrior Regulator Max – The stiffest head on the market and the go to choice if you want to deliver serious punishment. Crushing checks with a tiny extra bit of weight and throat-lic tech to keep the head secure to your lacrosse shaft.

warrior regulator max head

STX Stallion 700 – the  newest, classiest, sleekest head of the bunch.  An offensive and defensive head that will string a perfect, mid pocket.

Stx stallion 700 head

Nike Lakota U – A bitter more flexible than the rest but still a horse, with he most versatility in the game.  The number one go to for advancing high school players that want quality and performance.  A best seller for three years running !!

Nike Lakota U Lacrosse Head