The Best Lacrosse Heads For Attack 2020

Nov 11, 2019

The best lacrosse heads for attack in 2020 are based on’s two decades of knowledge and understanding of what the best new technologies can do for a player’s age, ability and position. Our core customer base is the very best of collegiate, high school and youth lacrosse. At we are a trusted family business of players, coaches and All-Americans that truly understand the best lacrosse sticks and Pro stringing in the game. See why Connor Kelly, a 2x First Team All-America, a 3x NCAA All-Tournament Team selection, a 3x Big Ten All-Tournament Team selection uses to string up all his sticks.  

Maverik Optik 2.0 - The Maverik Optik 2.0 attack lacrosse head is designed for the elite attackman and is used by one of the best dodging attackman, Jordan Wolf, for the World Champion Team USA squad. The story behind the newly designed Optik 2.0 is the new technology. The Optik 2.0 has a two strut design, which makes it the lightest head in the Maverik lineup, less than 5 oz. This head simply rips. 

Maverik Kinetik - The Maverik Kinetik lacrosse head is for a power player who isn't afraid to take the outside shot. This head was designed for velocity and accuracy when the game in on the line.  The backside of the Maverik Kinetik has a small but sharp angle where the top of the throat flairs to the top of the head. Our Pros love this design. What happens is that the row of diamonds in the mesh at this point gets immediate added tension by being pulled out across this sharp angle. So right where your first throw string lies, there is an increased tension on the mesh. This allows the ball to snuggle right up against the top of the pocket and literally snap itself out as it releases up to the channel, as long as it is strung up properly.

Nike Vapor Elite - The Nike Vapor Elite lacrosse head is only 135g - the lightest head that Nike makes.  It is made of hyper tough polymer and is pretty stiff.  Designed after the CEO, but stiffer and not as bendy.  The offset in this head provides a vise-like hold.  If you haven't given it a try it is definately worth it.

Epoch Integra Z One -   The Epoch Integra Z One lacrosse head was engineered for the elite offensive minded player and designed with a narrow face shape and a high flair for maxium control. A really cool feature of the Z-One is the innovative Knot Lock Technology. Our Pro stringers were really impressed with this feature and how it prevents the knots from sliding up or down the head, really locking the pocket into place and giving you the most consistent head all around.                                       

All of the above heads are available unstrung or can be strung by the best in the nation at Ask anyone who plays at the elite level in high school and college, they have all trusted for years to deliver the best pockets in the game. We STRONGLY recommend ECD Hero 2.0 custom stringing for the high school, college and advanced youth crowd. For the youth player, our less expensive PRO STRUNG option is an amazing value with high quality mesh that requires little or no maintenance for a season of play. If you have any questions about what lacrosse head might be right for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855.255.5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability and position.  

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