The Best Lacrosse Arm Guards and Pads For 2017

Oct 18, 2016
The best lacrosse arm guards and arm pads for offensive players are arriving at from four of the major manufacturers.  Our Pro's think these selections are the best in class for all offensive players - from advanced youth to the elite level.  Our first criteria, for this evaluation, was mobility and overall feel.  Was it comfortable, did it hinge in the right places?  Secondly, we looked at  how much protection was offered combined with overall construction.  Could this pad take a beating?  Was it well built?  We also evaluated the new technology provided in these pads, which may have given them an edge over some of the other new releases. Our Pro Picks For The Best Lacrosse Arm Guards and Arm Pads - 2017:   Surgeon 500 Arms Guards                         The STX Surgeon 500 lacrosse arm guards are by far the most protective line in this group.  If you want battle gear for operating from the X or in the crease, get these.  We also feel that these will be a huge hit with the box lacrosse crowd.  The pads give the appearance of being stiff, but the almost armadillo-like folding pattern makes them flex well and there are no holes in the protection they provide.  This is a home run for STX, and the price point comes in at $100.   The Brine Clutch Elite lacrosse arm guards and pads are designed for the advanced player that wants a solid elbow cap, but is willing to trade a bit of hard exterior shell for more mobility.  These are the most mobile pads on the list.  These  pads are worn by high level collegiate teams and FOGO’s everywhere.  These pads are also the lightest weight of the bunch.  Best for the guys who don’t want to be bogged down when running the lines or shooting on the run from the alleys.  Coming in at $90 for the pad and $110 for the guard, these are priced in the elite class.   The Maverik Max lacrosse arm guards and arm pads are one of our favorite new pads for the advanced youth and high school players.  This pad fits in the middle of the spectrum - meaning it is not as bulletproof as the Surgeon 500 and has more beef than the Clutch Elite.  This pad has the perfect mix of low profile, dense protection combined with all day comfort.  One of the best features of these pads is the fact that they really don’t slip up and down your arms in almost any condition or weather.  Coming in at $90 for the guard and $75 for the pad, the Maverik Max offers exceptional value with awesome fit and feel.   The new Nike Vapor 2.0 lacrosse arm guards and arm pads are building on the high school and collegiate success of top notch programs who demand Nike quality.  These guards are priced at $95 and the feel is somewhere between the Surgeon and the Max in protection.  A little more cover up, a little more cap.  We love these pads for advanced youth players looking to trade up to an elite class arm guard.  Elite level middies also are loving the Vapor 2.0.  Good range of motion, shorter length triceps and forearm pads.  These are for the guys who want a bit more than the Clutch Elite in padding , but still want excellent mobility. PRO WRAP UP - STX Surgeon 500 – For the true crease warrior.  Provides a lot of protection.  Made for those unafraid. Brine Clutch Elite – An athletic pad made for racehorses and the fastest most dangerous guys on the field. Maverik Max – Best all-around advanced youth and high school option.  Works for the majority of players. Nike Vapor 2.0 – More elite because of the shorter length of pads.  A high school and college players choice. We can’t really post this without some special mentions: mavrik-max-arm-pad The new Warrior Evo Pro arm pads and arm guards – amazing new dial down BOA technology that really locks this big boy to your frame.  Expensive - but if you have the cash - get these! Under Armour VFT – new for this year and unveiled at the All America games – the elite HS kids loved these – mobility is the key story here. The STX Cell 3 Series – tiny cosmetic updates – this is the best selling youth and high school pad of all time here at  We see no change in that for this year – these are affordable and rock! The STX Stallion HD – The go to for collegiate guys who can spend a few extra bucks.  Lower profile, nice exoskeleton.   Total winner for 3 years in a row. Maverik RX3 series -  Collegiate and high school favorite.  Nothing new for this year but thses pads crushed it last year and there was really no need to change a thing. If you have any questions, just reach out to one of our Pro’s at 855-255-5294 or email us at Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there and you will also gain access to the newest gear and mesh as soon as it hits the market. See you on the fields! The Pro Staff  

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