The Best Lacrosse Heads For Attack 2017

Mar 30, 2017
Attack lacrosse heads 2017   The best men's lacrosse attack heads all have one basic thing in common - the ability to either string a mid-low pocket or a sidewall design that carries the ball lower in the throat.  Both of these setups have bigger bags at the bottom and then a gradual launch ramp channel that allows shots and feeds to laser out of the stick with a good flick of the wrist or inside motion.  High level attackmen dodge with their sticks more vertically than middies and frequently need to put in their work up close and in tight.  They need to feed the ball on a rope and place shots in tiny gaps while under extreme pressure.   TOP FIVE   1) Nike CEO  Attack Lacrosse Heads   The Nike CEO lacrosse head has been a favorite of attackmen, middies and FOGO’s for three years running.  Our number one best selling head,by far.  Let our stringing gurus set you up with a  true mid-low pocket and immediately feel the difference in release, timing and one-handed dodging.   2) Maverik Optik U  maverik-optik-attack-lacrosse-head   Released two years ago, this became a big time favorite of the high school and college guys looking to play a different type of game than step down shooters.  Control with confidence is the name of the game here.  Choose an ECD Semi-soft option and you will not fear long pole pressure or ball drops.   3) East Coast Dyes Mirage  attack lacrosse heads   One of the lightest and stiffest options in the group.  Released last year and built by the stringing gurus at East Coast Dyes, this lacrosse head already has a following. Put this on top of an East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro lacrosse shaft and you have one of the lightest rigs in the business.  Known for accuracy in feeding and in tight work.   4) Under Armour Command Low UA command low attack head   A brand new release after UA did some serious research with its serious teams !!  Those elite level guys wanted the sidewal configuration to lower the ball in the pocket.. not the mesh.  UA listened and you now have the most responsive low pocket in the game.  Pair this up with some Memory Mesh or Dry Mesh Lite and it almost isn’t fair how well you can hold a chsck and still feed and pass with ease.   5) Maverik Tactik U attack heads 2017    Thought of as middie head, we added this to the list for the string hole setup alone.  This lacrosse head provides a mid -pocket that trends towards the low side.  Kind of like medium-rare on the rare side this pocket setup is really between low and mid-low.  Question mark shooters and attackman who shoot low-to-high, but from the outside will appreciate the Tactik head as a true shooter for attackman.   STAY UP TO DATE WITH LAX.COM Our top five men's attack lacrosse heads were all chosen for their ability to give the guys who dodge from the X an advantage in ball control and quick release.  If you combine this with a professional custom strung pocket with collegiate favorites like STX Memory Mesh or East Coast Dyes Hero or East Coast Dyes Vortex lacrosse mesh, you will have a lethal combo.’s professional stringers all played in college and are trusted by the best players in the game.  If you want a game ready lacrosse head – all dialed up to your specs, trust to chef one up and get it out the door quickly. offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s lacrosse heads for every players ability.  So depending on your game and style of play, all of the options listed above are currently the hottest in men's college and high school lacrosse for attack.  Give our professional stringers a call at 855-255-5294 if you have any questions about the perfect setup and combo for your game.  See you on the fields!   Team 855.255.5294