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Lax Insider

The Maverik Max Lacrosse Protection Line

September 26, 2016

The all new Maverik Max lacrosse protection series is on of the hottest new releases of the 2017 lacrosse season.  Built for elite level high school and collegiate players that want low profile protection, snug fitting technology and uncompromising quality.  These are high performance pads that won’t break the bank.  Maverik took many of the features of their best selling M3 line and combined them with their elite collegiate Rome RX3 line, and created the Maverik MAX line. Let’s check out the rundown.


Maverik Max Padding Review

The Maverik Max series includes:












The Maverik Max speed pad is one of the most exciting new releases for lacrosse shoulder protection for this season.   The story here is really all about the freedom of movement and soft, supple feel.  Nice wide, neck openings and a spongy feeling hinges between the pads. Big chest, ripped, keg handles – it doesn’t really matter.  These things fit like a glove and stay in place.  This is our “go-to” pad this year for LSM’s, close D guys and middies who want to rip on the run.

maverik max review

Maverik Max lacrosse Glove

The Maverik Max gloves were a complete hit with the high school elite at Maverik Showtime 2016 this year.    The Maverik Max goalie glove has the best thumb in lacrosse, in our opinion.   These are low profile, serious deflectors that give you a great handle on the stick.  Fits like a golf glove but wears like titanium plated.   The Maverik Max glove is being seeded on some of the biggest names in collegiate lacrosse right now as the top choice for these programs.   If that doesn’t speak loudly enough, the search results for this new release is off the charts and Maverik claims they will be sold out for the year before the actual season gets started in February.

The Maverik Max arm protection series is clearly designed just like their headlines.  There is no blurriness about what you should choose based on position.  The Maverik Max arm guards are like a flexible exoskeleton that will give you the confidence to take it to the hole.  Middies, get in the pile, come up with the ground ball, and fire on the run.  Flexibility, upper arm protection and mobility are all yours.  D poles and LSM guys, the Maverik Max arm pads are some of  the nicest  on the market.  The Maverik Max elbow pad is a top defensive choice for sure.

Maverik Max Speed Pad

Maverik Max Speed Pad

Guys, this  Maverik Max padding line is no joke.  High tech, not for posers.  This is a player’s pad.  It can also benefit advanced youth players that are starting to step up their game.  These pads are already some of the most sought after high school pads in the nation.  College guys already know the drill, because Maverik seeded them early.

The entire Maverik Max lacrosse protection series is on sale at  Maverik claims, that based on demand, they did not make enough of these to go around for the season.  Maybe that was their plan, maybe not, but it worked.  These are already headed off the shelves fast!  If you have any questions about what type of protection is right for you or your type of player reach out to our Pro’s at 855.255.5294 or send us an email at

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