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Under Armour Command Low Lacrosse Head Review

March 3, 2017

Command Low Head

The new Under Armour Command Low lacrosse head is an exciting, new elite-level release lacrosse head from Under Armour, a sponsor of some of the best collegiate lacrosse programs in the nation.  The Under Armour Command Low lacrosse head is specifically designed for attackman who dodge with one hand and want a lower pocket,  than a shoot on the run middie who uses a mid-high pocket.  The standard  Under Armour Command lacrosse head made a big impression with the upper-level collegiate guys and now Under Armour got feedback from some of the top scorers on the attack side of the field and developed the UA Command Low, just for them.
Under Armour Command Lacrosse Head
Right away we noticed the curvature, or the sidewall, was placed lower on the scoop.  The Pros took our demo heads and strung them up with East Coast Dyes Semi-Soft Vortex mesh custom pocket and STX Dry Mesh Lite.  These are the two mesh types which are most favoured by the upper level collegiate and high school players this season.  Our Pro’s found that the UA Command Low strung with East Coast Dyes Semi-Soft Vortex produced one of the best shooting sticks our guys have ever strung up.  We are going to give it an 8 for ball handling and a 10 for ripping corners like a boss.  Catch and shoot in one motion.  Dodge and fire with a choked up grip inside, this combo was an amazingly powerful and accurate weapon in the hands of guys that know how to ping pipes.
The Under Armour Command Low lacrosse head offered our Pro stringers, at, the option to set up the pockets mid-low or low, and that is where we strung the STX Dry Mesh Lite.  This stuff bagged out well at the throat of the shaft and ball handling for one-handed guys from the X or on the swim dodge was a 10.  Shooting was an 8.5 as the ball comes out a tad slower, but that is what you are sacrificing for the fact that when getting checked, the ball really doesn’t come out at all.
under armour command low
After testing this lacrosse head our Pro’s understand why the best collegiate teams and players in the nation worked with Under Armour and designed the Command Low lacrosse head for these types of players.  So many lacrosse heads have been centred around that mid-high style for on the run shooting – that it is about time someone paid attention to the guys taking the majority of the shoots and certainly racking up the most assists!  The Under Armour Command Low lacrosse head is here and ready to ship for the guaranteed lowest price in lacrosse.’s professional stringers all played in college and are trusted by the best players in the game.  If you want a game ready Under Armour Command Low lacrosse head – all dialled up to your specs, trust to chef one up and get it out the door quickly. offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s lacrosse heads for every players ability


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