Understanding Maverik Lacrosse Shaft Shapes And Weights

Nov 19, 2018
The Maverik lacrosse shaft line for 2019, contains lightweight technology and new graphics for some of the best selling lacrosse shafts from last year.  When choosing a Maverik lacrosse shaft, you need to understand the different types of lacrosse shaft shapes that are offered.  You  should pick the shape that best fits your style of play and then you can slot in the different technologies, weights and prices to suit your needs and budget.  Most of the Maverik lacrosse shaft line is geared towards advanced youth and high school players. There are two or three collegiate favorites on the list as well.  Let’s take a look and see what these popular lacrosse shafts have served up for 2019.  All the Maverik lacrosse shafts feature ABE technology.   The Adjustable Butt-End is designed to adjust on the handle to a player's preference.  It can then be tightened down, and taped for a sure fit locked-in design.   maverik shaft shapes lacrosse  

Maverik lacrosse separates their lacrosse shafts into the following shapes:



Concave sides for aggressive, shifty, offensive ball handlers and shooters that like the most texture and feel through the glove.  


Best for youth players and defenders that want their thumbs to fit in the angled grooves of the shaft… control and power.  


All purpose, shoot on the run, ground ball, as close to rounded as they come.  


Maverik shaft shapes lacrosse a1 apollo  


  The Maverik A1 lacrosse shaft is a best seller for three years running.  Ever so slightly sandy grip, sub 5 oz. for weight with simple colors and graphics.  A ball handlers dream and awesome advanced youth shaft at $95.  The high school guys might go through two of these a season because of the thinner sidewalls, but a small sacrifice to be using one of the lightest, best handling shafts on the market.  $95  


The Maverik Apollo lacrosse shafts weighs in at a little over 5 oz. and is the elite high school and collegiate choice for aggressive attackman.  Smooth finish for quick hand changes, stronger than the A1, and Wall Taper technology which is where the lacrosse shaft is made thicker at stress points and thinner in the walls elsewhere. $120  


maverik shaft shapes lacrosse caliber wonder boy  


The Maverik Caliber is the strongest D pole you can find in ScTi alloy.  Designed for punishing play in the hands of bigger high school and collegiate defenders.  The signature lacrosse shaft shape is perfect for controlling your head angle during checks.  Guys love the way your thumb sits in the groove, giving ultimate control. Starting at $120  


The Wonderboy lacrosse shaft is an awesome advancing youth handle that gives younger players lots of technology but won’t break the bank.  Need a D-pole for their first specialty position switch, or have an offensive player that is just starting to handle the ball better, this shape gives smaller hands maximum feel through the glove. $85  


  Maverik has three excellent traditional shaped lacrosse shafts.  These lacrosse shafts are all-purpose, have rounded edge shapes that most players gravitate towards these handles.   maverik shaft shapes lacrosse hyperlite blank union  


The Maverik Union lacrosse shaft is the strongest shaft and mostly used by high school middies who want unwavering performance and strength. It weighs 5.3 oz, so this handle is still light but has enough strength to stand up to the toughest levels of play. $130  


The Maverik Mission Blank is a no-frills, plain scandium shaft with excellent strength to weight ratios.  Perfect for advancing youth and high school guys that want to upgrade but do not want to break the bank.  $105  


The Hyperlite is a carbon-based shaft that literally feels like it’s floating in your hands. These shafts are designed for the advanced youth player that wants one of the lightest feels in the game. The high school players love them but may end up going through 2-3 in a season.  Most of the older players using these are willing to sacrifice some strength at the varsity level for the lightweight performance and stiff carbon feel that gives you a consistant shot.  If you pair this lacrosse shaft up with the Maverik Kinetik lacrosse head, you will have one of the lightest lacrosse stick combinations in lacrosse.  Learn more about the new Maverik Kinetik lacrosse head from our product video review from our Pros.   all maverik lacrosse shafts   All of the Maverik lacrosse shafts were big sellers last year.  Maverik dominated the lacrosse shaft market so well that all they changed this year were a few simple graphics and colors.  Maverik is known for performance, not flash - let your play do the talking.  You will find these well-priced lacrosse shafts on most every youth, high school, and collegiate field in the nation.     Other blogs and videos you might find interesting, or visit our complete gear guide:   VIDEO: How To String A Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head   BLOG: The Best Lacrosse Heads For Attack   BLOG: The Best Lacrosse Heads For Midfielders   BLOG: The Best Defensive Lacrosse Head   VIDEO: When To Buy A New Lacrosse Head   To Receive More Great Lacrosse Content And Get Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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