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Free Shipping Over $75!*

Warrior Burn Warp Pro – New Release!

July 24, 2018

The brand new Warrior Burn Warp Pro lacrosse head and Warrior Burn Pro Carbon Shaft were released today! Our Pro’s had a chance to have a toss and shoot with the NEW Warrior Warp Burn Pro Complete Stick and fell in love with it. The new shaft is an awesome lightweight carbon shaft, and the head is super consistent, releasing from the same spot every time.

Burn Warp Pro Lacrosse Head

Warrior Burn Warp Pro Lacrosse Head


Burn Warp Pro Lacrosse head

This new model of the Warp technology is amazing and blew away our Pros. The updated pocket is now soft, deeper, and more agile giving you more control and feel than ever before! The pocket is designed with softer Kevlar really allowing you to rip hard shots while staying accurate.  This is a head that is designed with the offensive player in mind, and the two different styles of head reflects that. If you are player who prefers not having a lot of hold and being able to throw accurate passes quickly, we recommend going with Whip Level 1. If you want a ton of hold, and to be able to really let it fly when shooting, go with the Whip Level 3.

Warrior Burn Pro Carbon Shaft


Burn Pro Carbon composite lacrosse shaft

Warrior really stepped their game up with the new Burn Pro Carbon Lacrosse Shaft. This carbon shaft is super lightweight and has a tremendous grip due to the textured designed of the shaft. It is available in black and white, just like the heads. The shaft does not need to be used with the Warp head, as we sell it separately! Besides being a great lightweight shaft, this is the only Carbon shaft we’ve tested that fit every head without issue!

Burn Warp pro complete stick

If you are looking for an elite level complete stick with the newest and best technology look no further than the Warrior Burn Warp Pro Complete Stick! To find out more information regarding the complete stick, shaft, or head, contact us at 855-255-5294, or send us an email at and we’d love to help you out!

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