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When to Buy a New Lacrosse Head

June 24, 2016

Is your lacrosse head ready for the new season? It’s old, it’s an eye sore, and its affecting your game very negatively. You should trade in your old head for a new head at the beginning of every season that you play. This seems like something a normal e-commerce website would say, but it is the truth. The age of your head can drastically affect the way you play. Plastic loses its strength and begins to warp due to weather, amount of use, and since we film games, we have seen it a lot on the field. When players have issues throwing and catching it is usually because the head is warped or the stringing has bagged out. Our pros at want to help educate our customers about when it is a good time to change your lacrosse head. Product Manager, Brandon Butler shows you the signs and how much your old head is affecting your game in this video.

At, we offer the very latest in lacrosse heads including the:

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If you need any suggestions, check out some of the best new lacrosse heads on this list for 2017 and be sure to have your new head strung by our Pro-Stringing team here at Stringing is critical towards any players development and our stringers are trusted by the best in the game to deliver the most consistent pockets in lacrosse.
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