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If you are just starting boys youth lacrosse you can customize your youth lacrosse beginner set. Complete sizing guide and gear that you need to get started in boys youth lacrosse.
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East Coast Dyes
The Bravo1 ELITE men's lacrosse complete stick has all the components you need for an amazing complete lacrosse stick. Whether you're just getting started or pushing your game to the next level the Bravo1 ELITE complete stick was built for you.
This lacrosse youth starter set from STX offers on of the best values for quality, name brand padding on the market. The STX name is synonymous with the highest levels of collegiate, high school and advanced youth play. STX took their high quality designs and materials and stripped them down into what we think is the best starter package on the market.This package includes the Premier Stallion 50 protection pack, which includes the 3 essential pieces of padding as well the option to add a high quality helmet from STX. LAX.com Pro's review all of the starter sets that are available through each manufacturer and choose only the ones that we think will offer the best technology, at the best price. Everything is hand selected each year, so your player will be provided the best in protection, mobility and technology. The goal of a starter set is to introduce a new player to the game, keeping them as safe as possible, and allowing them the flexibility to enhance their skills - that's the way we see it at LAX.com Our Pro advice for a lacrosse player that is just starting to play: Gloves - need to be mobile and have thinner palms so new players can get a good feel for the stick. Even in the backyard, when not at practice, new players should practice in their gloves. Arm Pads- must have a top velcro attachment - most younger players have trouble with pads sliding down the arms. These Under Armour pads have nice, adjustable straps that close on the tops of the biceps and keep the pads secure. Shoulder Pads - Good sternum protection and plastic coated caps. Must have nice material to wear next to skin, not cheap stuff. Full range of arm motion and ability to have helmet mobility.
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