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1 Results
The Epoch Purpose lacrosse head uses a 15 degree tilt technology that rides the ball up higher in the pocket than any other head. This tilt technology was introduced a few years back and literally revolutionized the women's game by giving the ladies the ability to handle the ball like never before. Cradling, dodging and ball control was rocketed to the next level. Tilt technology also allowed players to get the ball out for the stick much quicker. The New Epoch purpose has the tilt angle of the pocket designed into the head of the stick. The pocket in the new Purpose is also very impressive. Our Pros here at Lax.com think this is a shooters head for sure. The ball is carried so high in the stick that just a flick of the wrist is all it takes to bury shots from longer ranges that normal. Also, by choosing our Pro custom stringing you will immediately up your game. Better ball handling, quicker release, increased cradling andamp; dodging control.
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