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1 Results
The Epoch Sequel lacrosse head is based off the original success of the original Hawk head. Strong sidewall design and multiple stringing hole setup allow for full pocket customization with the mid pocket placement optimized. This head is a true sniper combined with workhorse stiffness and is also gaining a following with FOGO's for the ability to retain shape quickly. Epoch does everything as high quality as possible and their second generation head is no exception. If you are looking for a high end offensive shot maker that closely resembles the best selling head in lacrosse... the Sequel is a top choice for advanced players.GET HERO 2.0 CUSTOM STRINGING . LAX.COM PRO STRUNG OPTIONS CUSTOMIZE: CHOOSE COLORS, POCKET and SETUP THE BEST MESH OF 2017 STX MEMORY MESH : IS IT LEGAL ?? WHY ARE COLLEGE GUYS SWITCHING ...
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