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New Balance
The White New Balance Freeze turf cleats are one of the hottest cleats available. These limited edition lacrosse turf cleats have been specially engineered to provide some of the best support and cutting ability in the game. The big story here is the X shaped rail on the bottom of the footplate which stabilizes during cuts and is combined with a new "lug" technology which centers the traction directly under the front pad of your foot instead of out to the sides. This allows you to pivot on the cleat better ad the spikes in the center of the cleat are a bit longer than the ones out to the sides.New Balance added one of their form fitting tongues which essentially customizes each pair of cleats to the players foot. There is also a woven saddle which locks the arch of your foot down to the base.We tried these on and it was love at first step . Priced really fairly for elite level cleats.. simple styling.. no glitz.. These are gonna kill it. Like we said .. limited editions, so when they are gone they are gone. See why our Pro's have ranked these as one of the TOP FIVE cleats of the season. WOMEN JUST SIZE DOWN 1.5 SIZES.. YOU CAN USE THE NIKE GUIDE CLICK HERE. Check out more details on the FREEZE CLEAT BLOG PAGE.