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The new Stallion 500 lacrosse shoulder pads come equipped with lightweight foam technology that is a game changer for players that want maximum protection coupled with low definition feel and weight. Our Pros slid these on and their first reaction was to call out the mobility of the upper arms and shoulders. For guys who like to shoot on the run, or operate around the crease.The neck opening is cut a bit wider than traditional pads and that little extra space really keeps these pads from riding up. STX also got much more aggressive with the side cut under the arms and around the ribs. These pads lock down nicely for serious runners, but there is no jamming up of your inner arm to the padding on your ribs. The cutaways are the perfect shape for your arm to fold flat.The top of shoulder padding down towards the bicep is removable of course. But our guys who usually do that said they would just leave it because they hardly knew it was there.
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