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The new Warrior Regulator Max lacrosse head is the stiffest defensive head launch we have seen in years. Based on the success of other brands coming out with lighter and stiffer defensive heads, Warrior has hit the mark with their latest release. These heads weigh about 1.5 ounces more than the lightest defensive heads on the market, but when our D pole Pros got their hands on them the first thing someone said was " I can't wait to hit someone this thing ." These heads pack a serious, serious punch against offensive players. Not only is there zero give on pokes, but the slam down power on even those tight slashes is among the best we have seen at Lax.com from any defensive head. The head shape actually lends nicely to a high pocket and quick release. We strung a few up and were really impressed with the maneuverability and ability to control the ball in the pocket (we put ECD semi hard in one and Stringking Type 3S in the other). This head is going to start to spread when the collegiate guys get their hands on it. We think this is one of the best new specialty head releases from Warrior for 2017. DUE TO THE THROAT PLUG THIS HEAD WILL ONLY FIT ON HOLLOW SHAFTSLAX.COM PRO STRUNG OPTIONSCUSTOMIZE: CHOOSE COLORS, POCKET and SETUP MADE OUR BEST DEFENSIVE OF 2018 LIST... SEE THE REST Watch the head get strung live.