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These goalie throat guards are the most popular throat guards around. Cascades passion to protect really shows true not only in their helmets but their throat guards as well. Do not stand in front of the cage without one.
These are specially designed with youth players and extra padding in mind. Keep em safe and happy about their time in the goal. These are the best youth pant on the market for younger players.
$39.99 - $44.99
Brine Cempa Shin Goalie Shin Guards
Prefect for the lacrosse goalie that is just starting out. This is just goalie head only, this does not include the handle. If you run a youth program, this is the best head to get for your team goalies!
East Coast Dyes
The ECD Semi Hard 12D Goalie mesh is an absolute game changer for both advanced youth and collegiate level players alike. This stuff feels completely broken in the first time you use it and it absolutely eats rebounds. ECD came out with this 12D as well as a softer version. We recommend the Semi Hard for players that throw longer and harder clearing passes and the softer version for those that like to get a bit more air under the ball. ECD makes the highest quality, tightest weave mesh on the market so the durability here is not a question.CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL PRO REVIEW ON ECD 12D MESH.CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TOP LACROSSE GOALIE STRINGING TIPS FROM OUR PROS