ECD Hero 3 Custom Stringing


ECD Hero 3 Custom Stringing

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ECD Hero 3.0 Custom Stringing For A Men's Lacrosse Head - Our Custom Stringing Is Legendary!


Product Details

  • Custom Stringing Requires Additional Time -  We want to make sure it's perfect so it can take up to 2/5 business days after the order is placed, before it ships.  
  • Lacrosse Head Not Included - You have to order an unstrung lacrosse head with this product.  Both, an unstrung lacrosse head and this item must be in your cart.  Your unstrung head will come custom strung based on the specifications you choose for this product in your cart 
  • Need It Fast - Add Rush Stringing to your order


ECD Hero 3.0 Mesh is water repellent, as light as a feather and resists bagging. The Repel+ coating adds texture to the mesh and provides a 10x improved water repellency.  The Inner Core Weave technology increases the stability of the pocket while decreasing bagging. Textured LTH fibers provide a more enhanced feel for the ball while decreasing the overall weight of the mesh. ECD Hero 3.0 is one of our Pro's favorite and most recommended mesh choices. Proudly made in the U.S.A.