ECD Infinity Pro Complete Stick


ECD Infinity Pro Complete Stick

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ECD Infinity Pro Elite Women's Complete Stick - With Diamond Plastic Head

Product Details

All our Pro's can say is WOW! The ECD Infinity Pro shaft to the Infinity Pro head, this setup was built to be light, fast,and consistent. How light? Lightest stick ECD has ever made light. How fast? The guy shooting highlights can’t keep up fast. How consistent? Any day, any weather, never think twice about your stick consistent. 

The Infinity Pro head features ECD patent pending Diamond plastic, (it is CLEAR OR SMOKE AND REALLY COOL) providing a 10% decrease in weight and improved stability across temperatures. The Infinity Pro shaft uses advanced carbon fiber materials and manufacturing techniques to provide unmatched feel and control. Finally, the Venom Pro pocket has been upgraded to provide additional control and maximized performance. Welcome to the future.

About the Setup:
The theme of the Infinity Pro ELITE Setup is upgrade. Featuring an upgraded Infinity Prohead, an upgraded Venom Pro pocket, and the ECD Infinity Pro carbon fiber shaft, this ELITE Setup is the most advanced stick in the game.

Infinity Pro Head: Featuring ECD's patent-pending Diamond plastic, the head is extremely lightweight, perfectly stiff, and wildly good looking.

Venom Pro Pocket: One of the most popular pockets in lacrosse has been upgraded to provide additional control and maximized performance.

Infinity Pro Shaft: The most advanced shaft in ourline, built for the modern playmaker looking for 100% control, 100% of the time.