ECD Infinity Pro Shaft


ECD Infinity Pro Shaft

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ECD Infinity Pro Women's Lacrosse Shaft

Product Details

The ECD Infinity Pro women's lacrosse shaft is the perfect answer to always being able to feel the ball in the pocket of your stick. The ECD Infinity Pro features lightweight, advanced carbon fiber design, with a soft-touch coating and a subtle section of raised texture - Our Pro's think this shaft is built for control. The Kick Point adds increased snap on all your shots and passes so you have a serious upgrade to your game.  Add a custom strung ECD Infinity lacrosse head to this shaft and you will have one of most dynamic setups in the women's game. Exclusive: Rail Elite Customizer, if you want to pick your colors in your set up.

What makes this lacrosse shaft so great?

  • High Kick-Point - Provides lightweight control without sacrificing strength
  • Lightweight Carbon Fibter Material - Provides lightweight control without sacrificing strength
  • Flex5 - Provides perfect feel all over the field
  • Raised Bottom Hand Texture - Provides additional grip so you are alwasy in total control
  • Soft-Touch Coating - Provides that "just right" feel for maximum comfort