Goalie Custom Stringing Pocket


Goalie Custom Stringing Pocket

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12D Goalie Custom Stringing - Our Custon Stringing Is Legendary!

Product Details

  • Custom Stringing Requires Additional Time -  We want to make sure it's perfect so it can take up to 2/4 business days after the order is placed, before it ships 
  • Lacrosse Head Not Included - You have to order an unstrung lacrosse head with this product.  Both, an unstrung lacrosse head and this item must be in your cart.  Your unstrung head will come custom strung based on the specifications you choose for this product in your cart 
  • Need It Fast - Add Rush Stringing to your order

12D custom pro-strung goalie lacrosse pocket, professionally strung with your choice of mesh, offers the perfect balance of hold and passing ability.  The pocket will come broken in and ready for play.  Whatever mesh you choose it will hold the pocket in any type of weather.   Strung with a deep middle pocket, that will kill it on all your clears. 


ECD Striker Hero Semi-Soft: 12D semi-soft HeroMesh is engineered with the elite goalie in mind. HyperWeave provides accurate outlets and unmatched rebound control, while the LTH Fibers allow your pocket to be durable and lightweight.
ECD Semi-Hard All White:  Same as Hero Semi-Soft but with a little more break in.  Holds up in inclimate weather and curshes the clears. 
StringKing Grizzly 2S: StringKings lightest and most responsive goalie mesh, offers unmatched rebound control, faster hands, and consistent release.  
StringKing Grizzly 2X: A little stiffer that 2S, but still as reponsive and offers amazing rebound control.  
ECD Semi-Soft All White: Same as Striker above
Lax.com Semi-Hard All White: Powered by JimaLax, this semi-hard mesh will give you rebound control and a consistent release.