STX Cell 5 Arm Guard


STX Cell 5 Arm Guard

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STX Cell 5 Arm Guard For Men's Lacrosse

Product Details

The STX Cell V arm guards are a step up from their predecessor the Cell IV.  These pads will be worn by the elite collegiate attackmen and middies in the nation for hinge free padding and the non slip arm sleeve.  STX also added a floating, hard plastic elbow cap which provides added low-profile slash protection.  When trying these on, you will immediately feel the comfort of the full length Breathable Lycra sleeve.  These pads breathe well and there is a Dual 360+ Strap system inside the sleeve that keeps it from riding up and down your arm.  Our Pro's love the comfort, range of motion and "soft feel" that this padding line is known for.  These pads will be seen on most every field from advance youth to college. 

  • GeoFlex II™ - flexible protection for the power player 
  • Dual 360+ Strap system ensures customized fit and prevents annoying pad slippage 
  • Breathable Lycra™ sleeve for optimal comfort 
  • Floating, hard plastic elbow cap provides low-profile slash protection
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