STX Exult 600 Head


STX Exult 600 Head

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This head is designed to fit on any STX 10 degree shaft - Design Your Pocket With Our Exclusive Rail Elite Customizer

Product Details

The STX Exult 600 lacrosse head has a 50% stiffer scoop than the Exult 500 but has the same weight ratio.  The face shape of the Exult 600 women's lacrosse head has a high pinch point that increases ball control.  This lacrosse head offers lightweight strength, increased control and improved performance for the versatile, elite midfielder.   You can customize your rail elite pocket and have this head strung up by our Pro's, who string for some of the best collegiate teams in the nation.

  • 10 degree technology which means cradling is higher up in the pocket which allows for a faster shot speed and quicker release 
  • Built for midfielders who want the advantage 
  • Pinched profile for better ball retention at the sweet spot
  • Higher shoulders, thinner ledge and a sleek scoop provide stifness and control when taking the draw
  • STX C-Channel technology reinforces sidewalls for stability
  • STX Speed Scoop technology enhances ground ball play while providing top string protection