STX Focus TI-S+ Goggle


STX Focus TI-S+ Goggle

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STX Focus TI-S+ Women's Titanium Cage Lacrosse Goggle - Meets ASTM requirements

Product Details

The STX Focus TI-S+ women's lacrosse goggle has a new double bar design which enhances comfort and offers extra visibility.  Our Pro's like this goggle for the light weight titanium cage and because it allows players to easily field ground balls.  The adjustable strap allows for you to easily adjust the fit so the goggle can rest snugly and comfortably against your forehead and cheek.

  • New double bar design enhances comfort and visibility
  • Form-fitting silicone padding is easy to clean and does not absorb sweat or moisture, minimizing potential breakouts
  • Meets ASTM F3077-177 requirements for women’s lacrosse
  • SEI certified
  • For ages 13 and older