Stx Surgeon 500 Arm Guards

$99.99 $79.99

Stx Surgeon 500 Arm Guards

$99.99 $79.99
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STX Surgeon 500 Arm Guards

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The new STX Surgeon 500 arm guards have already been seeded on top collegiate teams and our Pros are telling us that the great thing about these pads is the mobility and protection these three piece pads provide. The pad overlaps itself twice in the same direction, rather than a traditional elbow cap that sits on top of the triceps and forearm pads.

This innovative design allowed STX to heap on the plastic and low density hard stuff in places that will keep you safe from most any wielding D pole. These pads absorb those hard hits from a defenseman like no other pad. These arm guards are made to slip on easily and then provide extra security by the thinner straps right over the bicep and lower forearm. The compression sleeve has a vertical seam that pulls the pad across your arm rather than up and down. The lower forearm also has a pad that wraps nearly all the way around towards your wrist providing even further protection.

These STX Surgeon 500 arm guards are all over the collegiate and high school fields. These arm guards provide such protection that STX engineered a magical balance between form fitting pads and a bullet proof check absorption and deflection.

This arm protection is rated by our Pro's as one of the best for lacrosse arm protection for this season, learn more.