Warrior Burn FO Recovery


Warrior Burn FO Recovery

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Warrior Burn Face-Off Recovery Lacrosse Head

Product Details

The Warrior Burn FO Recovery men's lacrosse head is the newest Burn Face-Off head, which features Warrior’s pure resin which boosts head shape recovery, essential for players looking for their head to stay consistent after the face-off. Our Pro’s love Warrior’s newest pure resin, because it provides perfection for maintaining face shape throughout the season. The throat has been redesigned for a shorter throat featuring increased stiffness, perfect for increasing leverage on the draw. This head has a throat plug and will only work on hollow shafts.

  • Warrior’s pure resin boosts head shape recovery and allows players to pass and shoot with confidence after each face-off battle. 
  • Designed and engineered asymmetrically to provide balance between flex. strength, and recovery. 
  • Universal pinch design accommodates multiple face-off styles. 
  • Increased throat stiffness and shorter throat design allow for additional leverage and control. 
  • Meets all NFHS, NCAA, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse men’s field specifications.