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Stringking 4X mesh kits are designed with a new technology called Tri-Twist which weaves the mesh tighter than any previous elite level mesh. The Stringking 4X increases hold, ball feel and control for players that want to feel a bit of a bag while cradling but want non-stretch performance while letting shots rip. This stuff is an outsider shooters dream, but we really love it for guys doing inside feeds and tighter shooting ranges. The 4X is used by some of the best college and high school guys in the nation.As the price here dictates, Stringking is setting the bar for the highest levels of technology and performance. 4X lacrosse mesh is responsive and slightly elastic feeling and has slightly thinner construction on the outer rails. This centers the ball in the sweet spot and gives advanced players all the added control and feel they demand. 4X will improve shot speed and consistency with the new tighter weave.THESE STRINGKING 4X MESH KITS COME WITH SIDEWALL STRINGS AND SHOOTING LACES AND GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO WHIP UP THAT PERFECT 4X POCKET. Keep and extra one in your bag for emergencies . Contents: - 1 Type 4s Mesh - 4 Sidewall Strings - 1 Bottom Lace - 3 Shooting Laces - 2 Shooting CordsStringking 4X is the thinnest and lightes mesh in the history of Stringking's high end mesh introduction. Try a piece of the next generation and elevate you game like the best of the best.To get your favorite new head strung up by a serious collegiate guru... CLICK HERE TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEW HEAD WITH STRINGKING 4X.