5 Things To Have Ready For Lacrosse Season

Jan 17, 2017
  Whether you are just starting out in youth boys lacrosse, or if you are a seasoned men's lacrosse player, here are 5 things that you better have dialed up for the season so you can be your best and have some fun competing out there!   5 THINGS TO DO TO BE READY FOR THE LACROSSE SEASON   1) Make sure your head is strung up properly, not warped and ready to go.   This may sound simple, but collegiate level to kindergarten, if your head is not ready, you are toast.  For you elite level guys, be sure to check out the best  5 new lacrosse heads of the 2017 season.  There are many different options and a lot of new technology will be hitting the fields this year.  East Coast Dyes, StringKing, Maverik and STX all have new additions to the TOP 10 Lacrosse Heads List.  For you newer guys, check out All-American, and LAX.com Pro, Brandon Butler’s video - When To Buy A New Lacrosse Head.  Simple test and measures show you when the technology of your head is flat and its time to move on. If you are in the market for a new head - consider having it strung by our pro-stringers here at LAX.com.  It is critical towards any players development and our stringers here at LAX.com are trusted by the best in the game to deliver the most consistent pockets in lacrosse. 2) Refresh your mesh.  Offensive players, its cheap and easy, but it is the most important thing you can do right now to change your level of play.  East Coast Dyes Vortex semi-hard and semi-soft lacrosse mesh is literally changing playing styles and dodging.  The StringKing 3X and 3S  performance lacrosse kits are still screaming off the shelves, and the East Coast Dyes Hero semi-hard and semi-soft and Hero-Striker lacrosse mesh are still the top choices for those that are weather challenged.  Spend the few extra bucks, and get the best technology in mesh that there is to offer - so you look your best at those initial practices.  Either string it up yourself, or see what it’s like to have a real pro do it and you will be happy you took the time and effort to get it right at the beginning of the season.  3) Proper footwear that fits properly for the field conditions you play on. So many people go through all the trouble to dial up all of their equipment and then reach for the bag only to realize that their cleats or turfs are  sloppy, nobbed out, broken down relics from last year.  Whether your young or old, there is no excuse for bad ankle support, bad traction and bad planning.  Check out our blog posts and videos to learn about the best 5 lacrosse cleats and turfs for 2017 and see what everyone else is lacing up from Nike and Under Armour.  LAX.com has FREE SHIPPING on all the best selling models.  So figure out if you will be getting started on turf or natural and don’t be late to the cleat party!  4) Lacrosse Gear Bag Checklist -  Of course your helmet and padding are essential pieces in any lacrosse bag.  To make sure you are game-ready you should also consider these essential items that should be in your bag for the start of a new season.  Freshly strung head on your current shaft, freshly strung and broken-in back up stick, new mouthguard and proper fitting footwear.  By having these essentials you will be ready to start your Spring season off in the right direction.  5) Consider a complete stick as a back up stick.   All players, no matter what level should have some type of back up stick.  You never know what is going to happen out on the field and you don't want to have to pick up your buddies stick to play, which will totally alter your game.  At LAX.com, we offer a full line of lacrosse complete sticks and combos, which allows you to own some of the best technology in the game for a fraction of the price of marquee gear. We have paired up some of the best equipment in the game, at discount pricing, and much of it has been professionally strung as well. See the combos that we offer and visit the best selling StringKing complete lacrosse stick. For only $99, you can have game ready, lightweight offensive or defensive complete sticks that will amaze you with their consistency and affordability. LAX.com Top 10 Lists -  Just click on any category on LAX.com and down the left hand side of the page you will see the 15-20 best selling products in that category.  Why is this important?  Because LAX.com has the most savvy and knowledgeable clientele in the game.  We are on our second decade of suppling the best of the best in high school and collegiate lacrosse gear.  Our customers know exactly what they are buying and their top 10 lists is indicative of the best gear in the game.  We don’t touch it or change it like the other guys - it is the real deal and represents what we are all about.  Getting you the best technology for the best prices in lacrosse.  Just ask any high school or collegiate player about LAX.com, they all know who we are and respect the fact that we are true to the sport of lacrosse without gimmicks or games.  So be sure to look at some of the awesome gear and videos we have highlighted here.  Don’t get blindsided by the season.  We know you put too much work in to let the little stuff slip by. Stay up to date with LAX.com If you need any help picking out the best lacrosse gear for your age, ability and skill level, just give us a ring and we will put you on with a collegiate all-american who can give you some excellent options.   Also, be sure to download the LAX.com FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there and you will also gain access to the newest gear as soon as it hits the market.  See you on the fields! The LAX.com Pro Staff Where Players Get Their Gear questions@lax.com 855.255.5294