Best Face-off Lacrosse Heads For 2019

Jul 18, 2019

After the success of several heads exploding onto the market for face-off specialist over the past few years, the lacrosse market now has several options to choose from for a FOGO. Introduced this past spring and summer, three specific heads have become must-have options for the Pro's at Check out why product specialist Brandon Butler considers the Warrior Burn FO, Nike CEO 2, and ECD Weapon X as the must-have heads for facing off this summer in's latest product video and follow the links below to pick up your choice today!

ECD Weapon X Lacrosse


The new East Coast Dyes Weapon X will DOMINATE at the X. Our Pro's think that the Weapon X will win the draw, get the ground ball and be a threat on offense. The Weapon X faceoff head features a new material called FlexForm which was designed from the ground up with all-time faceoff legend, Greg "Beast" Gurenlian, to allow you to do it all. From the tougher plastic, to the asymmetrical strut design and optimized flex points, the Weapon X was engineered to wrap perfectly around the ball. It features a short throat allowing your hands to be closer to the ball for more leverage, power, and control as well as a smooth, round scoop to make groundballs in traffic a breeze. Our Pro's are impressed with how the Weapon X snaps back into place after the faceoff and legitmately becomes a field playing head. The FlexForm material is a super material that makes this lacrosse head keep its shape. This lacrosse head literally wraps around the ball because of the Precise Flex Points. The shorter throat simply gives you more leverage, which means more wins.


Nike Ceo 2 Face-off Head


The Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head is an updated version of one of the most popular lacrosse heads ever produced. The Nike CEO 2 lacrosse head offers a perfect upgrade to any player that used the original version. Nike preserved every performance feature from the original but updated the CEO 2 with a redesigned scoop and shortened throat. Nike focused on creating an aggressive scoop for easier ground balls for those offensive attackers or players that dominate the face-off. The shortened throat creates closer hand placement for generating more power and control while facing off. Our Pro's think that Nike did it perfectly since they kept the identical face shape and flex profile while updating and redesigning the scoop and throat. This head will be a continuing best-seller for Nike and you will see it on the fields being used by some of the best face-off and offensive players on the field.


Warrior Burn FO


The Warrior Burn FO lacrosse head is backed by Trevor Baptiste and he claims it is the best faceoff head he has ever used. In case you don't know who Trevor is, he attended the University of Denver, where he set the NCAA Division I season record for face-off wins by a freshman. Our Pro's can't get enough of the newly enhanced flat scoop on this face-off head that allows for easy ground balls. The Burn FO was designed asymmetrically to provide a balance between flex, strength, and recovery. Left side designed for flex and strength, while the right is built to provide strength and recovery. This head was designed to accommodate the most popular face-off techniques. Flexible left sidewall lets you gain position and control 50/50 battle. New shorter throat allows you to gain leverage faster after the whistle. This lacrosse is a game-changer for FOGO's everywhere.



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