Best Defense Lacrosse Shafts For Youth Players

Aug 3, 2017

The best defense lacrosse shafts are really separated into two categories, youth and high school/collegiate.  The biggest difference is the strength to weight ratios that each type of player will need to play and develop at their position properly.  Younger defensive players should really be using the lightest shafts that are available in their price range.  High school and college defense players need to decide their personal preferences between light weight stick control and hard hitting, heavier technology in either metal or carbon construction.  Learn more about carbon shafts from this video.

The best defense shafts for youth players are in order of best value to best technology and weight:


( Good )

There are two shafts that we are listing in the “good” category.  These shafts will weigh in a bit heavier because of the metal materials, but are good options for players that are getting their very first defensive pole, or are likely going to cut it down, which will obviously take some of the weight off.

STX 6000 Defensive

The STX 6000 is an aluminum based defensive lacrosse shaft that is priced at $35.  This would be the best lacrosse shaft for new defensive lacrosse players to test the water and see if they like the position or are going to continue with the game.  Most players in this range will be middle school or younger and may even chop a foot or so off at the advice of their coaches.  This helps younger players get more control with their new, longer defensive lacrosse shaft.

STX Hammer 7000

The STX Hammer 7000 is noticeably lighter and stronger than the 6000.  The price point here is $70, and this shaft is for those players and parents that are willing to spend a little bit more to give their player better control and feel on the stick.  The STX Hammer 7000 is an appropriate and economical choice for new lacrosse defenseman up through middle school.  

( Better )

The three shafts that we are listing as "better" defensive lacrosse shafts, are for those advancing youth players that are a few years into the sport and taking the position and sport more seriously.  These are the best defensive lacrosse shafts for middle school lacrosse players.

Nike Vandal

The Nike Vandal defensive lacrosse shaft is an awesome, lightweight best seller coming in at about half of the price of collegiate level D-poles at $110.  Simple graphic, lightweight, and well balanced design.  No  frills, just solid performance from a name you can trust for quality and durability.  These defensive lacrosse shafts have been on the best sellers list, four years running.  If you want tried and tested.- look no further as you will not be disappointed at this price.

Maverik Wonder Boy

The Maverik Wonderboy defensive lacrosse shaft is made for players that are going to put a bit more stress on the shaft and want something that hits a bit harder as well.  This is likely the best defensive lacrosse shaft for players that are really starting to grow and can handle a bit of extra power.  Make no mistake, the Wonderboy is very light and also well balanced.  At $124, this shaft is the middle class workhorse of middle school and high school lacrosse.  Slightly raised finish where the letters are applied on the lacrosse shaft.

Warrior Evo

The Warrior EVO defensive lacrosse shaft makes the list for the durability and the price point, $119.  Warrior always over-engineers their most popular collegiate handles and the lower priced models get the benefits of the upper tier technology.  That is the case here as the upper end EVO’s sell for about $200 but this model has the same shape and feel.  Smooth finish and the “roundest” feel of the bunch.  

( Best )

The three best youth defensive lacrosse shafts that have the most advanced technology for this age group are:

Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2

The Epoch Dragonfly Integra 2 would be the little carbon kin of the East Coast Dyes Pro, and retails for $159.  Epoch lacrosse shafts are known for hard hitting and they are solid carbon poles.  This is their stripped down youth model that is also top of the line.  This shaft has a rounded and slightly sandy textured feel that is good in all weather conditions.

East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro

The East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro does not likely belong in a youth defensive lacrosse shaft list but, if you have the cash and want your player to have the best technology on the market - this is your choice.  At $200, these are on the best defensive lacrosse shaft high school list as well for the ultra light feel and strength.  The East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro is a bit stiffer than other manufacturers so this defensive lacrosse shaft hits hard.  If you want opposing offensive players to really know when your player is on the field and dishing out some punishment - get them one of these.

Maverik Mission Blank

The Maverik Mission Blank is a no frills high school ready shaft that comes in at $149.  This shaft comes in a bit lighter than the Wonderboy, but is also stiffer.  We realize at this price point we are starting to climb the ladder quickly, but players who are advancing just love the smooth finish, adjustable butt end and the performance this defensive lacrosse shaft delivers.  This lacrosse shaft also made it to the very top of the list for collegiate LSM (Long Stick Middie) players looking for the combination of strength and weight without the whip of carbon technology.  

  This is the list of the best youth defensive lacrosse shafts on the market.  The "better" and "best" categories are for players who are starting to grow and take their lacrosse defensive position more seriously.  The "good" or beginners section are defensive lacrosse shafts that are fine for the first year player getting to know the game.     You might also be interested in reading:   Boys Youth Lacrosse Guide For Parents Youth Boys Lacrosse Gear Guide How To Buy A Lacrosse Stick For A New Player   If you have any questions regarding which defensive lacrosse shaft is right for your player, give us a call at 855-255-5294 and speak to a real pro that can help.   Also be sure to check out the mobile app.  We post amazing deals here, and once you load in your contact information, you can check out lightning fast and get access to some amazing deals FIRST!  See you on the fields.     To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List: - Where Players Get Their Gear 855.2555294 Lowest Prices - Guaranteed Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50