Best Defensive Lacrosse Shafts 2019

Oct 15, 2018 believes that lacrosse defensive long poles deserve love too! That’s why we only sell the best defensive shafts in lacrosse! What our Pro's look for in a defensive shaft is a durable shaft that is also lightweight. If you are a long stick midfielder (LSM) who likes to play in transition and shoot, we recommend going with a shaft with some more flex. If you are down low defenseman who biggest strength is locking down the opposition’s best attackman, you need to go with a stiff shaft.  



STX Hammer 500

  The STX Hammer lacrosse shaft series is one of the most well known lines available in the game. The STX Hammer 500 is one of the best defensive lacrosse heads on the market, and the lacrosse shaft is no different. The Hammer 500 is the stiffest carbon shaft on the market, so the opposing attackmen will remember going up against you. If you’re looking for the most heavy duty shaft that will leave a mark on the attackmen you are defending, the STX Hammer 500, priced at $199, is the perfect shaft for you!      

Epoch Dragonfly 9

  The Epoch Dragonfly line is back and better than ever with the new Dragonfly 9 lacrosse shaft! Epoch actually came out with a new flex point designed specifically for defensemen. They added the iQ3 option, which is Epoch’s stiffest option to date. If you are a younger player who plays as a long stick midfielder (LSM) we recommend going with an iQ8, as this is the most flexible shaft and will help you generate more power when shooting. If you are an older player, who plays LSM, we recommend the iQ5, and if you are defenseman who likes to throw lumbering checks we recommend the iQ3.      



Maverik Caliber

  The Maverik Caliber lacrosse shaft is designed specifically for defensemen. This isn’t an attack length shaft that was repurposed for defensemen, Maverik created a defense only shaft and knocked it out of the park with this one. They even made a middie length model for the short stick defensive mids! This shaft is made out of scandium and titanium, which gives it tremendous durability to go along with being a lightweight shaft. Priced at $174 this shaft is perfect for an elite defenseman or LSM who wants a lightweight but extremely durable metal shaft!      

STX Shift ScTi

  The STX Shift ScTi is our choice for an LSM who is looking for a metal shaft. We love the speed shape of the shaft, its allows you to have great control of the shaft, which is what every LSM needs. Just like the Caliber it is made from Scandium and titanium giving the shaft added strength while not making it any heavier. It is a perfect ratio of strength to weight and will make any elite defensive player happy, especially at $159.      



Nike Vandal

  Priced at under $100, this shaft is one of the best values on our entire site. For any player who is looking to get their first long pole, the Nike Vandal is perfect for you. Built with a high strength 7075 alloy, this shaft is lightweight and strong. Simply put, you should not be able to get a shaft of this quality at this price. If you are an advancing youth player looking to get the most bang for your buck, the Nike Vandal is the perfect shaft for you!      

Epoch Integra

  Most Carbon defensive shafts are going to cost you nearly an arm and a leg, the Epoch Integra shaft costs under $160. For a carbon defensive shaft this is a great value! Epoch is synonymous with carbon composite shaft, so with the Integra you know you are definitely getting a high quality shaft. If you are an advancing youth or high school player looking for an affordable defensive length carbon shaft without sacrificing any quality, the Epoch DragonFly Integra is exactly what you are looking for.      

Maverik Wonderboy

  Year in and year out the Maverik Wonderboy is one of the best selling shafts that we offer. We expect more of the same for this upcoming season. The reason why this is so popular is that the shaft is super lightweight and is perfect for a younger defensemen who is still growing but wants a top end long pole! At just under $125 the Maverik Wonderboy is the right shaft for any younger player who is looking for a high end shaft without paying the price of some of the other high quality shafts!       If you are looking for more information on the difference between carbon and metal shafts, we have you covered! Check out our video and blog highlighting the main differences between the two!  

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