Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads For High School and Collegiate Players

Jan 26, 2018
The best lacrosse shoulder pads of 2018 for high school and collegiate players include an awesome lineup of speed pads and full shoulder pads.  These new options are either improvements from last years best-sellers or new brands, offering new and different technology.

The best shoulder pads of 2018 are:

For Attackman and Middies who prefer full protection:


Speed Pad Liners are built for defensive players, LSM’s and middies that are running the lines or like to get those hands free outside.

  So that is the list for offensive and defensive pads in the upper advanced youth, JV, high school and collegiate game for 2018. Remember, we won't recommend anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves so know that these reviews are the real deal. It’s pretty amazing that some of these pads have hit our top ten list over cheaper pads, that just goes to show that the players that buy from understand and are serious about taking the field with the latest gear that performs at the highest levels.   THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SPEED PADS / LINERS AND FULL SHOULDER PADS CLICH HERE to watch the video.   Also, IF YOU ARE A YOUTH PLAYER AGES 5-11 CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BEST 2018 YOUTH PADS To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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