Best Lacrosse Sticks For Girls Who Want To Improve Their Game

Apr 3, 2018

The best girls lacrosse sticks for advancing youth and middle school girls all have softer pockets than the starter sticks that they began with. Basically all of the sticks listed below are a girl’s second lacrosse stick. After about a year of initial play, most girls will be able to throw and catch a bit and are definitely starting to cradle and run the field.  This is when they need to upgrade to a pocket that will help their development. All of the sticks below are a bit narrower than starter sticks as well which will better their passing abilities and increase shot speed.  

1) STX Crux 300

At $110 this is the no-brainer, go to, for a girls second lacrosse stick.  The pocket is very forgiving and that’s where STX put the money. The shaft is no frills aluminum but perfectly good for advancing youth players.  You simply can not go wrong with the performance and reliability of this setup.  

2) Brine Mantra 4

This stick has a bit more of an advanced runner pocket ( that’s the piece up the middle of the pocket that releases the ball. )   This pocket will shoot faster but be a tad harder to throw and catch with. If your player is really getting the hang of it, these Mantra sticks and runners are very similar to what the high school girls are using.  Once again the shafts are good but not elite level. $149  

3) STX Crux 600

If you really just want to give your daughter the best possible jump up in her play, then there really is no other choice than the STX Crux 600.  Just look on any of the collegiate or high school field and this is the #1 stick in lacrosse. So why would your daughter need this right off the bat? Is it too advanced for my daughter?  The plain and simple truth (ask any coach) is if you can afford one of these, just do it. It will show a significant improvement in her ability to throw and catch, shots will be faster and she will have more control.  Just ask to borrow one for 5 minutes on any field and you will be hooked in a minute. It’s the combination of the best pocket in the game combined with an amazing head design and a soft feeling shaft… total winner. $219 makes this more of an investment but these are the real deal.  

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