Best Shoulder Pads For Youth Lacrosse Players

Feb 6, 2018
The best lacrosse shoulder pads for youth players,  all offer full torso protection with shoulder caps and arm padding.  Our Pro's STRONGLY recommend that youth players, up to 12 years old, wear FULL SHOULDER PADS designed to afford the maximum protection possible.  Players can run into each other on ground balls, sticks can swing around, and players can get tapped on the back and sides. So players should wear as much protection as they can get, even playing at the youth level.  

Here is the list of the best youth lacrosse shoulder pads.

STX Cell 4 shoulder pads

If you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars to get the best protection, with a soft feel and excellent mobility, then get these.  The Cell 4 shoulder pads are priced at $130 but are hands down our most popular youth, and high school model.  That is how good they are.  Big shoulder caps, added sternum protection and the most comfortable fit of the lot. stx cell 4 shoulder pads best youth lacrosse

Nike Vapor LT shoulder pads

Reasonably priced at $70 these pads are an awesome value.  They are packed with really good shoulder protection and a wrap around rib piece.  We like the way the shoulder caps sag down a bit to ward off those higher checks.  These only come in smaller sizes so we recommend these for the younger player. nike vapor shoulder pads best youth lacrosse

Maverik MX shoulder pads

Also a $70 offering that comes from a big name, Maverik. These are lower definition shoulder pads that have thinner, harder pads.  Players that don’t want the bulky feel will like the added mobility.  Floating sternum plate and good rib coverage.  These pads are for really aggressive, faster players that don’t get banged around a lot because of their speed. maverik mx shoulder pads best youth lacrosse

Under Armour Nexgen shoulder pads

Like the Maverik MX, these are low profile pads that have solid plastic shoulder caps.  The shoulder pads offers a large coverage area across the back.  Priced at $50, the Under Armour Nexgen is a great step up from a starter set pad and before players (and parents) want to spend more money on pads like  the Cell 4 or the Vapor LT. Under armour nexgen shoulder pads best youth lacrosse When players get older, and start to get more position specific, the defensive guys and the offensive middies start to strip down their pads for more mobility or shooting ability.  You can learn more about the best shoulder pad options for high school and collegiate players by reading our blog.  For the little guys, we recommend that they stay as protected as possible as they grow and then make those high school decisions when they are actually in high school! You may see your fellow friends stripping off the upper arm protection, don’t do it!  Your biceps will thank you later.  Stay safe out there guys!  If you have any questions at all about the right shoulder protection for your age, ability and position, please call us at 855-255-5294 and we will put you on with a real PRO who can walk you through the options. Also, be sure to download the FREE mobile app. We push our most amazing deals there and you will also gain access to the newest gear as soon as it hits the market. To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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