Men's Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Sizing Guide | Difference Between Men's Lacrosse Shoulder Pads And Liners

Jul 29, 2018

Protection is essential to lacrosse for safety and mobility. Players wearing incorrect padding have a higher risk of injury. Brandon Butler, Pro & Product Specialist at, describes the difference between men's lacrosse shoulder pads and shoulder pad liners. Shoulder pads are a bigger, bulkier pad, perfect for offensive players who are getting a lot of checks. The downside of this is players get less mobility. Shoulder pad liners are a reduced version of shoulder pads made for players who do not need extra protection. Since there are less bulky type pads in the shoulder pad liners it gives more mobility for players. Usually, we recommend players wear shoulder pads until they are at least in high school. Still not sure what to get? Talk to one of our Pros at 1-855-255-5294. Ready to make a purchase? Simply go to

How To Size Lacrosse Shoulder Pads?

Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Sizing Chart
XS 22-25" 5-7 50 lbs Under 46"
SM 25-29" 8-10 50-70lbs 46-54"
MD 30-34" 11-13 80-120lbs 54-58"
LG 34-36" 14+ 130-180lbs 60-65"
XL 37"+ 16+ 190 lbs + 66" +

** makes no representation of the safety or suitability of any of these pads.  We are relaying the information regarding what most of our customer are buying based on age and size.  Please refer directly to the manufacturer for suggestions or sizing guidelines.  Sizes are approximate, different manufacturers may vary slightly in size.**

Mens lacrosse shoulder pad sizing guide


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