East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 Lacrosse Mesh

May 9, 2017

East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 lacrosse mesh has a brand new ZONE technology that basically offers a softer weave in the middle channel of your pocket.  This is surrounded by a harder weave on each side that funnels the ball into the channel for amazing hold and quick release.  The fibers being used in the East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 mesh are claimed to be some of the lightest available and this mesh is coming in a few grams under the rest of the specialty mesh category.   

Lax.com has the best custom lacrosse stringers in the game. These guys are trusted day in and day out by the best high school and collegiate players in the nation. See why Connor Kelly only trusts Lax.com to string up his sticks.  Our Pro stringers are extremely impressed with East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 lacrosse mesh for hold. The channel technology really sucks the ball into the sweet spot and gives an amazing feel.  The inner LTH fibers seem to grip the ball and aggressive cradling and handling only drove the ball deeper and deeper into the soft, pliable mesh in the channel.  The effect of the outside zone Innegra mesh was felt most on catching and dodging on the run.  The ball just funnels itself right off the harder mesh into the soft stuff.


LAX.COM ECD HERO 2.0 CUSTOMIZER - PICK YOUR MESH, COLORS & SET UP - Only company on the market that offers a customizer for custom stringing.  Build your head, choose your colors, pocket placement, throwstring configuration right before your eyes! 

East Coast Dyes Hero 2.0 lacrosse mesh is a step-down shooters mesh.  For all you advanced youth players and high school guys that like to shoot on the run, this stuff is lethal.   You can charge the ally with a deep pocket and then get your hands free and let it fly with a consistent and accurate rip.   Vortex mesh from East Coast Dyes was a revolutionary two weave concept and now ECD is taking that a step further with Hero 2.0.  Regardless of your age or ability, dual weave mesh technology is taking the game by storm and offering superior performance for players that understand their pocket is really the most important piece of equipment on the field.  

Learn more about the differences between hard and soft lacrosse mesh by watching our video.  For only $20 bucks you might as well take advantage of the increased hold, control and shooting accuracy that Hero 2 has in store for you.  Our Pro stringers here at Lax.com worked very closely with East Coast Dyes to design and test the perfect pockets for this new Hero 2.0 product. If you want a game ready, serious head with a collegiate level pocket that will make any player better - just select Hero 2.0 as the stringing option for your new head and we will chef you up a perfect pocket every time!  

LAX.com offers a wide variety of mens and women’s lacrosse equipment for every player’s ability If you have any questions about what might be for you or your player, feel free to give our Pro’s a call at 855-255-5294. We will be able to tell you what we think is right based on your age, ability and position. See you on the fields! The Lax.com Pro Staff - 855.255.5294  

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