How To Buy A Beginner Girls Lacrosse Stick

Sep 26, 2017

Girls lacrosse beginner sticks are very inexpensive and simple.  Most people start with a girls beginner lacrosse set that comes complete with bag, googles and factory strung complete lacrosse stick.  Your new player will also need a mouthguard - which is required in most state and youth programs.  A girls first lacrosse stick can come as a complete lacrosse stick or in a lacrosse starter set.  If you don’t have any type of equipment you can get a starter set for about $80 and that will give your new player everything she needs to get started.   If you are just looking to get her started in the backyard on some throwing, catching and ground balls, you can get a complete lacrosse stick for about $25-$50 that will be a good first step.  

Here are our three recommendations:  

Before we get to the list of affordable first time sticks… there is a new technology called WARP that you should be aware of. Just released, a WARP pocket is made out of Kevlar and offers the softest and most consistent girls lacrosse pocket that you can buy. Most traditional starter sticks have very flat pockets which make it easy for young girls to scoop ground balls, but much harder for them to catch and cradle.    

The Warp Jr. Girls Beginner stick has a softer, more forgiving picket, an easy scoop and will help beginners get the hang of throwing and catching MUCH, MUCH FASTER than a traditional stick. The ball stays in the pocket better and because the pocket is Kevlar, it is soft but will not stretch out over time, or get wet, or get hard when it dries out…. It’s the same whether you leave it in the yard or snow or in the sun.   If you don’t mind spending an extra $30 bucks to give your girl the best possible training tool then you can stop reading and just get one of these. Trust us, this is the best thing that has happened little girls across the nation in the history of the sport!    

1) The STX Lily Complete Lacrosse Stick - $25  About as simple as it gets.  For 1st graders and younger.  They won’t be able to catch yet, but the Lily will get your young lady use to scooping up ground balls and throwing.  Perfect for the initial introduction to lacrosse for the young crowd.    

2) The STX Exult 200 Girls Beginner Stick - $40  Upgraded pocket which is a bit softer.  Suggested for grades 2-3.  The girls are starting to throw and catch a bit and these sticks will get them through about one year of play. As soon as they really start to get some consistency and aptitude, you will need to upgrade to a stick that has a thinner pocket shape, so they can cradle and shoot more accurately.      

3) The Nike Arise LT and the Crux 100 Complete Stick - $50  These two options are essentially the same so just have her pick based on color preference.  Recommended for grades 3rd - 5th.  These pockets are staring to develop channels that funnel the ball to the middle of the pocket.  If your player can run full speed and cradle and not lose the ball they are ready for one of these options, no matter what age.  If your player is are starting to catch and throw on the run, they are ready for this upgrade.  This is the last step before the “they are really starting to get it” phase in about 6th and 7th grade where they must get upgraded out of the “beginner” and “youth” category sticks into the next level, or they will be at a severe disadvantage.   In the next level of stick, beyond starter sticks, you will notice something called “runners” up the center of the pockets - these are single piece, custom factory made inserts that really whip the ball out of the stick.  You can learn more about advanced pockets and 10 degree technology that is designed for women's lacrosse complete sticks here.      

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