How To Buy A Lacrosse Head For Face Offs

Sep 29, 2017

Face off lacrosse heads are a specialty item that is sometimes referred to as FOGO (face-off-get-off) heads. These lacrosse heads are designed and engineered to pinch down on the ball and then pop it up to the midfield player on the wing (sides) or to the actual person who was taking the face off. Face off lacrosse heads repeatedly get smashed down and the best heads have the ability to be soft enough to warp down on top of the ball, but then pop back and retain their shape once the ball comes out and the player gets control.   The stringing and knots used for tying the mesh into the head are also highly specialized. We strongly suggest when you invest in a FOGO head, that you also get that lacrosse head professionally strung. This will help eliminate illegal procedure and loss of possession calls where the ball gets stuck in your stick after the face off. We now carry custom stringing specifically designed for FOGO heads. This custom stringing is built to make it easier to pinch and pop after winning the faceoff. The following are the best lacrosse heads in the game for advancing youth, high school, and collegiate FOGOs.  


This head is the most universally used FOGO head in lacrosse. The reason it is so popular is its amazing shape retention and the fact that it is a serious offensive weapon once that ball is up and out of the face off. Excellent for ground balls and easily strung for the speciality FOGO position, the Nike CEO is a go to lacrosse head for any level of play. This is our #1 recommendation for advancing youth players that are taking face offs but also are playing middle and or attack. The Nike CEO lacrosse head is a workhorse that does it all.      


The brand new head available from StringKing, the StringKing Mark 2F, is already one of our most popular heads on our site, as we sold out of it in under a week. Don’t worry though as we have this bad boy back in stock ready for purchase. One of our Pros here who has taken faceoffs for well over a decade believes that this is the best faceoff head he has ever used. The number of sidewall holes are unmatched by the other heads on this list, giving players the most freedom to string however they want. In the past, many FOGOs would bake their heads to make them tighter. StringKing recognized this and designed their head to have a tightened and elongated throat, which is meant to replicate the results of baking your head, while not compromising the durability like baking would. Another cool thing that StringKing incorporated with this head is the new 3 square locking bolt technology. This allows your hand to move up the shaft a little more than most heads. This gives you an advantage in winning the clamp.      


This lacrosse head design gives you two main advantages. First, the plastic is so far up on the shaft that you can get your hand as close as possible to the throat of the head for maximum clamping power. Secondly, the throat design is anchored down by multiple screws and the throat plug provides additional torsional stability since it fits up inside of the lacrosse shaft. This creates one super solid and secure connection that can take a beating time and time again. Pair this with the STX Duel SC lacrosse shaft and see why it’s the collegiate go to.      


This new head boasts a bottom rail that is designed to flatten out perfectly along the turf and get under the opponents bottom rail when you flex the head. This gives the player a technological advantage when they pinch down on the ball and these are already FLYING off the shelves with the high school and collegiate guys. Again, get this strung by a PRO that knows what they are doing and you will have a big advantage at the X.  

    As always, feel free to give one of our Pro's a call if you have any questions. Our FOGO HEADS & SHAFTS page also has links to all the custom stringing jobs that are available to put in this awesome lineup. Make sure you have someone that knows their knots and string placements string this up for you - it makes a HUGE difference in your game. You can learn more about our professional in house stringers from this video.    

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