Joey Sankey AMA with PLL Pros

Apr 6, 2020
Tune in LIVE Monday (3/30) @ 7pm to see Joey Sankey, PLL Pro, answer all you questions about lacrosse and more.  

About Joey

As one of the games most fearless players, Joey Sankey started his lacrosse career in Philadelphia, PA where he attended the famed Penn Charter School. From there, Sankey continued his playing career at the University of North Carolina. During his time at Chapel Hill, Sankey was a 3x All-American and 3x All-ACC player. After graduation, Sankey returned to Philadelphia to coach both at Penn Charter and Team 11 and joined the MLL, where he was named the 2015 MLL Rookie of the Year, tallying 124 points in three seasons with MLL’s Charlotte Hounds In 2018, Sankey faced his biggest challenge when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After surgery and rounds of chemotherapy, Sankey went into remission and was able to play in the inaugural season of the PLL, where he split time with the Redwoods and Archers.


JOEy's Gear Bag

The Maverik Kinetik is for a power player who isn't afraid to take the outside shot. This head was designed for velocity and accuracy when the game in on the line. Our Pro's think this is a top midfield lacrosse head. The backside of the Maverik Kinetik has a small but sharp angle where the top of the throat flairs to the top of the head. Our Pros love this design. What happens is that the row of diamonds in the mesh at this point gets immediate added tension by being pulled out across this sharp angle. So right where your first throw string lies, there is an increased tension on the mesh. This allows the ball to snuggle right up against the top of the pocket and literally snap itself out as it releases up to the channel.This lacrosse head also has a elongated and slightly tapered pocket channel. Our Pro Stringers strung this up with two different types of mesh and found this lacrosse head to be one of the best shoot on the run heads we have ever tested. Our Pro's think this lacrosse head is an instant classic and will be one of the top choices for all the Maverik sponsored teams, you have found it. CUSTOMIZE YOUR POCKET
New 2020 Maverik Max Lacrosse Glove
Stringking 4S mesh is designed with a new technology calleD Tri-Twist which weaves the mesh tighter than any previous elite level mesh. The Stringking 4S increases hold, ball feel and control for players that want to feel a bit of a bag while cradling but want non-stretch performance while letting shots rip. This stuff is an outsider shooters dream. Also a favorite of LSM and long pole Defensive guys, the 4S is used by some of the best college and high school guys in the nation.As the price here dictates, Stringking is setting the bar for the highest levels of technology and performance. 4S lacrosse mesh is responsive and slightly elastic feeling and has slightly thinner construction on the outer rails. This centers the ball in the sweet spot and gives advanced players all the added control and feel they demand. 4S will improve shot speed and consistency with the new tighter weave.Stringking 4S is the thinnest and lightes mesh in the history of Stringking's high end mesh introduction. Try a piece of the next generation and elevate you game like the best of the best.To get your favorite new head strung up by a serious collegiate guru... CLICK HERE TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR NEW HEAD WITH STRINGKING 4S.
The Maverik Rome arm pads give offensive middies a bit longer profile than traditional arm pads but really strip down the impact zones for maximum mobility and comfort. Our elite level guys kept these for themselves the second the arrived. The trend for offensive players is tilting back towards a little more protection because new technology and design is allowing for that combination with amazing movement and flex. Full elbow cap wraps all the way around, double Velcro straps and extends sleeves all add up to elite level comfort and protection. the V shaped triceps pad is genius because it actually flexes when your muscles do... and then the wrap around forearm piece give you the added confidence to ward off those slaps and cross-checks down the alley. There is absolutely no pinch on these pads, you will forget you are wearing them in no time. CHOOSING THE RIGHT LACROSSE ARM PROTECTION VIDEO

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