's Best Lacrosse Complete Stick for 2017

Feb 10, 2017
The Complete Lacrosse Stick - Is the best stick in the game for first and second-year players.   This complete lacrosse stick is everything your new player needs to develop their skills.  This is the ultimate mix of performance and pricing for a complete lacrosse stick that you will find anywhere. The pocket, with STX Dry Mesh, and the K18 lacrosse head were specially chosen and custom crafted by out expert stringers to give youth players the in ultimate ball control, throwing, and catching ability. To finish off the stick, we add in the Maverik Range Shaft, one of the lightest and mostr durable handles from one of the games top brands. Check out this video of Brand Manager, Brandon Butler, as he highlights the best qualities of this stick and get yours today by following the links below! Specifications: Weight:   Smaller children need lighter weight lacrosse sticks.  The best lacrosse sticks in collegiate play come in at a hair under one pound.  The complete lacrosse stick comes in at 1/10 of a pound over that, which is only 3 ounces.  Other complete sticks are big, clunky, and heavy which make it harder for your child to learn to catch and throw. Value:  The college level STX Dry Mesh that is included in this lacrosse head is a $25 value.  Elite level players in high school and college trust our Pro stringers to string their lacrosse sticks and they happily pay $35 per string, a few times a season.  The STX K18 lacrosse head, on this complete lacrosse stick, retails for over $70 and you are getting a superlight metal shaft that others charge $100 for. Quality: is so convinced that once you try our custom strung pockets, you will never use anyone else.  This is a lacrosse stick that a high school player could actually bring on the field and perform with.  But all you should really care about is the fact that it will give your child an edge in their development. Lightweight, amazing price point, and handcrafted pocket by the same stringers that string for the best high schools and college players in the nation.  If you have any questions, you can talk to one of our Pros at 855-255-5294.  Don’t get fooled into getting a junky stick from that local lacrosse store that is trying to dump old inventory or that big box store down the street that is selling factory strung sticks.  Get your kid the best possible advantage, at a fraction of the price. The best lacrosse stick Youth lacrosse beginner stick If you are just starting off in lacrosse learn more, from our eBook series for parents. If you would like to speak to one of our Pro's about lacrosse and what beginners should know, feel free to give us a call at 855.255.5294. We are a company of lacrosse players, current and the past, and can offer advice on any topic. To learn more valuable information about the game of lacrosse, visit our LAX Insider page. GET THE LATEST PRODUCT UPDATES Welcome to the game of lacrosse, we will see you on the fields! Complete Stick Black: Complete Stick White: Subscribe to LaxDotcomTV -- See More Lacrosse Highlights Here:

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