Maverik Hyperlite Lacrosse Shaft Review

Sep 12, 2018
  The Maverik Hyperlite was released in the Spring of 2016, and they sold really quickly.  So fast, in fact, Maverik decided to include them with their in-line offering of regular shafts since the launch. So what’s the big buzz here?   [caption id="attachment_18661" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Hyperlite Maverik Hyperlite Lacrosse Shaft[/caption]   So here is the deal.  A few years ago a few upstarts like StringKing and East Coast Dyes got into the super light weight shaft market.  The bigger manufacturers ignored the success of products like the Gait Ice and the new metal shafts because they were really only suitable for youth players that would not give them a serious beating.  There were no collegiate level guys that would use these because one good cross check or defensive beat down, and this shaft would just bend and snap.  East Coast Dyes came out with the CarbonPro attack shaft and it hit the best sellers list right away, because of its strength and it was feather light in weight.  Finally, a shaft that could run with the big boys and not end up in pieces. Maverik saw the opportunity to produce a shaft that could match the strength of the CarbonPro. By using the new carbon technology, and pairing it with their traditional best- selling shaft shape and including their signature Adjustable Butt End (ABE) system.  The result is 5 ounces of mean, lean and strong that could hit the high school and collegiate fields with confidence.  Right away, elite offensive players started snapping these up.  [caption id="attachment_18651" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Hyperlite Shaft Maverik Hyperlite In Use[/caption] has FREE SHIPPING on the Maverik Hyperlite so you can get dialed in today with one of the lightest, strongest shafts on the field. If you have any questions about which shaft is right for you or your player, give one of our collegiate pros a call at 855-255-5294.   Also, be sure to get the free mobile app. We push our most amazing deals from time to time and you also get access to our everyday specials.