Maverik Showtime 2016 - 2018 and 2019 Classes

Aug 3, 2016
Held each summer by Maverik lacrosse, The Showtime Recruiting event features the top sophomore and freshman lacrosse players from across the country playing in front of college coaches over the course of three days. was there.  You can checkout some of the highlights here.   shotime_blog_post   This event is one of the biggest highlights of the summer in the world of high school lacrosse.  While many of the committed kids in the 2018 and 2019 classes drop off the showcase circuit for other event, the best of the best still show up for The Showtime Recruiting event.  Over 160 of the best players in the nation, from each class, decended on Western Connecticut State University from July 6th-8th and the all-star game at the finale was loaded with some of the top talent headed to the top collegiate programs.   showtime_blog_post   The 2020 classes were added this year and the coachs turned out en masse to get the first look at many kids who have not even stepped on a high school lacrosse field. The 2018 and 2019 classes already feature many of the top recruits and the level of play should be higher than ever. Check out the highlights from last years 2018 All Star Game.   The new gear that will be highlighted this year includes the Maverik Tactik head as well as the newly released Cascade R Showtime Helmet.  The players will be walking away with the newest version of the Union shaft and the newest Max Glove. Be sure to check into the Facebook page to get sneak peaks of all the latest and greatest gear from Maverik that was featured at this event. The new Union shaft and Max glove will hit the shelves at on September 15th.   Be sure to download the FREE Mobile APP so that you can get access to all the new gear and deals FIRST with just a few clicks on your phone.