Nike Vapor 2.0 Lacrosse Head

Oct 19, 2016
The all new Nike Vapor 2.0 head is one of the best values and most anticipated new releases for advanced youth players of the season. We absolutely love this head as the trade up for youth and middle school level players out of their starter sticks and into the big boy leagues. This Vapor 2.0 is priced so well it is nearly impossible for any parent to argue that it is not worth it to trade up. The reason this head is so user friendly for developing players is the angle of pocket and the scoop design. The scoop is modeled after the best selling midfield and attack heads of all time, the Lakota. This scoop is slightly rounded so it makes picking up those ground balls just a little bit easier. Secondly, the angle of the back sidewall sets up for the perfect mid-low pocket. This is the ideal setup because newer players like to experiment with cradling with one hand while running up the field ( low pocket ) but need that mid location for accurate passing and shooting. The wide throat of this head just sucks that ball down deep in the pocket when running so ball rattle is at a minimum. If you choose to get this head strung here by one of our pro's, it's gonna come game ready right out of the box !! Nike is known for quality and some of the best technology. Our clientele is high end.. and all you have to do is look at the best sellers list in the heads category to see how much they dominate with the big boys

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