StringKing Complete W Review - Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick

Mar 15, 2018
The New StringKing Complete W, the new women's complete lacrosse stick that comes with either a metal or composite (graphite lacrosse shaft) and the all new Type W mesh.  The Legend W heads that comes on this women's complete lacrosse stick are either white or black and were designed in tandem with the mesh to offer one of the best pockets in women’s lacrosse.   Stringking complete w composite womens lacrosse stick   The biggest difference between the StringKing Complete W and other women’s complete lacrosse sticks is the fact that the pocket is primarily 100% mesh.  Most other women’s mesh pockets have a runner, or set of leathers which are held in place by sidewall stringing that is loose and makes up part of the pocket.  The Legend W complete women's lacrosse head is strung with the Type W mesh that has the diamonds “sealed” or “fused” together near the throat. This naturally forms a very high and soft pocket up towards the scoop where all the women now want the ball.   Stringking metal 2 w composite womens lacrosse stick   We weighed in these sticks against the others on the market and the StringKing Complete W is the LIGHTEST WOMEN’S COMPLETE STICK YOU CAN BUY! Built for offensive players that want to feel every movement, twist, and turn of the ball in their stick, the StringKing Complete W is unmatched for that featherweight feel.  The Legend W head weighs only 177 grams and because the pocket is all mesh, only 23 grams, with no leathers, it is also the lightest on the market. Fast hands score goals in women’s lacrosse! The Type W mesh offers worry free performance - no leathers, no adjustments, just lightweight lightning fast releases.   Stringking legend w composite womens lacrosse stick   The weight difference between the composite and metal shafts is almost the same - so it is a matter of preference. The composite diameter is slightly thinner than a men’s shaft at 7/8” inches and the metal is even thinner at ¾” inches.   This whole package is the ultra-light, high pocket entry into the elite levels of the women’s game.   Stringking type w womens lacrosse mesh   To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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