What To Put In Your Women's Lacrosse Bag With Taylor Cummings

Jan 19, 2017
As the most decorated women's lacrosse player in the sport, a three time Tewaaraton award winner, Under Armour Lacrosse athlete, and Team USA member Taylor Cummings knows the importance that the right gear makes. When she heads to any lacrosse game, Taylor makes sure that she has the essentials with her. Check out what else Taylor carries with her to each game and follow the links below to get all of the gear Taylor uses when she takes the field. Also head over to lax.com to see more videos with Taylor and be sure to subscribe to her new YouTube channel!

women's lacrosse bag essentials

What To Pack In Your Lacrosse Bag For Women

  1. Lacrosse Game Stick & A Back Up

    Taylor always caries two sticks with her. Her main stick is an Under Armor Glory with an undeniable shaft with a rail elite pocket. Then she carries a backup stick which is useful for 2 reasons. It has the international specs for when she plays with US Lacrosse, but it is also in case her main stick breaks or the pops a string.

    under armour glory complete lacrosse stick

    under armour undeniable handle

    rail elite customizer

  2. Goggles

    Goggles are required for women's lacrosse so get yourself a comfortable pair with good vision.

    womens lacrosse goggles

  3. Turfs Or Cleats

    Wearing the right footwear for lacrosse is essential to having a good game. Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet, so make sure you cleats or turfs that give you enough support and allow you to make hard dodges.

    womens lacrosse cleats and turfs

  4. Gloves

    Gloves are not required to play, but Taylor says she packs them for certain cercumstances. She has a pair for when its cold out to keep her hands warm and a more protective pair incase her hands are getting beat up. Another added bonus is extra grip if it is wet out.

    womens lacrosse gloves

  5. Mouthguard

    Pretty much every sport requires a mouthguard these days. We suggest the Sisu Mouthguards because they are very comfortable and low profile but still protective.

  6. A Bag To Carry It All

    Don't forget a bag to carry everything around. At Lax.com, we have a ton of differnt options.

    womens lacrosse bags


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