The Best Complete Lacrosse Sticks For Beginners

Oct 22, 2018

Choosing the best complete lacrosse stick for beginners can be confusing. Here at, we break it down to what we know to be the best combination of learning potential, durability, consistency, and price.  

This is what our pro’s suggest you look for:

  • Wide based lacrosse head
  • Standard stringing set up which includes a mid-pocket, plus 1 nylon & 2 shooting strings
  • Lightweight lacrosse shaft/stick

Here are the best complete lacrosse sticks for beginners:

  1. Maverik Tactik 2.0 Complete Stick with Custom Pocket

  2. The Maverik Tactik 2.0 men's attack complete lacrosse stick comes paired with a silver alloy blank shaft that is a great value for only $99. Perfect for the youth beginner, advancing youth or even a high school player, as a back-up stick. The Maverik Tactik 2.0 is designed for the Do-It-All Midfielder. To get this stick strung by our Pro's, just choose Pro Strung from the drop-down menu and the stick will come ready for play!

    maverik tactik 2 complete stick

  3. The Warrior EVO Warp Next complete lacrosse stick

  4. The story here is all about a pocket that NEVER changes. Wet, dry, leave it in outside - it’s all good. Warrior created these new soft Kevlar pockets that never stretch. This pocket will throw and shoot the same EVERY SINGLE TIME. Pretty amazing. Many youth programs are waving these in because out go the excuses. Proper technique and consistent results are the names of the game here.

    Warrior evo warp next

  5. The StringKing Complete 2 Jr

  6. For AGES 6-9 If you have a really new player and want an amazing beginner stick for only $69 you just found it. Again, its all about the pocket here. This is the lightest stick of the bunch and has a thinned down and shortened shaft for little hands. If you want their first stick to be a winner, and keep the frustration levels down, do them a favor and spend $15-20 more than you would on a big box nightmare and get them one of these! The next step up from the junior StringKing lacrosse stick is the StringKing Complete 2 Attack Intermediate. This complete boys lacrosse stick is designed for players ages 10 to 14 that are just starting out in the game.

    Stringking Complete

The difference between the Maverik Tacktik 2.0 with Custom Pocket complete lacrosse stick and the other choices is that it is custom strung, in our Connecticut headquarters, by the same Pro's that are trusted to string for the very best in high school and collegiate lacrosse. We are a family business of ex-collegiate players that really take pride in putting out the best product in the sport. Most of the sticks that you will find on Amazon or in the big box stores will actually put your player at a BIG disadvantage as they try and learn the game - the biggest reason is THE POCKET! So whether its WARP Kevlar or a handcrafted pocket, you know you are getting the best for your players overall development. If you have any questions about the best starter sticks on the market or want to talk to a PRO, give us a ring 855-255-5294, or shoot us an email at



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